This rectangular variation of the classic cylindrical bolster offers greater width and a flatter surface for supine postures. The flat surface supports the back and can also be used to raise the hips in sitting postures and placed length ways under the mid back to open up the chest.


Filled with recron fibrefill (a specially engineered hollow polyester fibre) which guarantees firmness throughout use whilst giving gentle and comfortable support

Comes with a long-lasting removable cover that is machine-washable

Features a strong zip and a useful carrying handle

Comes in a range of colours to complement your mat and props

Thoughtfully produced in India 


There are many ways to use our Bolster. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


Place underneath the knees during Corpse Pose, helping to release the lower back

Provides support for the forehead during hip opening asanas such as Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend

Place along the spine for chest opening backbends such as Supine Bound Angle Pose

As a supportive seat during Easy Pose, helping to maintain a straight spine      

Rectangular Fibrefill Bolster